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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Royal Wedding

By Samantha Speisman, Mia Shulman and Emma Yardley Mon Apr 25 2011 from Sweetspot

The countdown to April 29th is on! Jes gets you prepped and primed for the Royal Wedding with 10 facts you definitely didn’t know about Will and Kate’s big day.

1. Over 2 billion people are expected to tune in to the event. That’s a lot of wedding guests! [Reuters]

2. Barack and Michelle won’t be making it to the wedding. The cost of the US president’s security entourage prohibited the royal couple from inviting the Obamas, but the first couple is planning to visit the newlyweds in May. [Daily Mail]

3. Kate is the second royal bride to omit the vow to obey her husband. While she will vow to love and honour Prince Will, she’ll follow in Princess Diana‘s footsteps and leave out the commitment to obey the future king. [iVillage]

4. At only 29, she’s certainly no old maid. But Kate will be the oldest royal bride ever. The youngest? Isabella of Valois, who was married to Richard II when she was only six years old. [Telegraph UK]

5. While Kate has commissioned a royal wedding cake from Fiona Cairns embellished with the couple’s new royal cipher, Will has ordered his own cake. The chocolate confection, a favourite of Will’s from childhood, will be made from approximately 17,000 chocolate biscuits. [Examiner]

6. Google this. There are over 162 million sites currently mentioning the Royal Wedding. [Emmagem]

7. Official invitees received a 22-page instruction booklet on how to conduct themselves at the ceremony. Tips include how to dress (no cream or white, ladies) and how to curtsy or bow when the Queen enters. [Mirror UK]

8. Welcome to Canada! One of the first official visits Will and Kate will make as a royal couple will be to Canada in July. [The Globe and Mail]

9. And you thought shining your shoes was a drag. It will take up to 50 hours to prepare just one pair of boots for the royal riders. The preparation includes melding hot wax onto boots with a blowtorch for an unparalleled gleam. [Yahoo]

10. Kate will officially be the first middle-class queen-in-waiting. Princess Diana lacked a royal pedigree, but was still an aristocrat. Kate’s entrepreneurial heritage (her parents operate a successful party-planning company) marks her as the farthest a royal has ever married down. [Telegraph UK]

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